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Washington DC is situated along the banks of the Potomac River and on the east of the US. With just an area of 70 square miles, this city packs a lot in. This is the capital of the US, so expect to get a sense of history and power as soon as you land in this metropolis. Here are the top must see attractions in Washington DC.

National Mall

The National Mall is a good place for you to start your tour of Washington DC. It is a 2 mile green strip that is also known as “The Nation’s Front Lawn”. You can’t shop at this mall but expect to see some of the monuments of the country all in one place. The Zero Milestone is a great place to start your tour of this mall. It is a reference point for all US maps distances.

To the north of this mall is the White House – the most famous residence in America while the Washington Monument is to the south. It rises to about 555 feet and it is the National Mall’s centerpiece. On top of the Capitol Hill is the US Capital Building which is the seat of the federal government.

The Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool is surrounded by the most iconic tributes to America’s founding fathers and heroes. It allows you to browse through the different chapters of this great country’s history. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is nestled in the trees. Also, the names of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during the Vietnam war are engraved in its walls.

Lincoln Memorial

This is where the charismatic Martin Luther King Jr. made the popular “ I Have a Dream” speech.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Further along the Mall is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. You can admire the various waterfalls and sculptures here. Nearby is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial built in the Ancient Rome style.

Smithsonian Institution Building

To learn more about the Smithsonian buildings interesting collection of galleries and museums stop by at the castle in the Smithsonian National Space and Air Museum. Here you can allow your imagination fly high among the historic spacecraft and airplanes.


This is a museum that lets you create your own headlines. This interactive museum is especially dedicated to the news media world.

The Botanic Garden

If you are looking for an escape from the museums and monuments, the Botanic Garden in the Capital Building is a great option.

Foggy Bottom

This is a charming central suburb in Washington DC. It was named after the fog that usually rises from the Potomac River. You will also find the Kennedy Center and the Watergate Hotel here.


This is the oldest district in this city with its 18th century buildings. Today, the university students here have given it a lively atmosphere.

Washington offers its visitors more than the stately buildings and political buildings that is very popular for. Regardless of how often you have seen these landmarks in the movies or news, there is nothing like the real thing.