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Hatfield and McCoy – it’s one of history’s most infamous and colorful family feuds. Two families clashed for nearly 30 years. Hatfield patriarch William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield would become the stuff of legend and McCoy patriarch Randall McCoy would lose five of his children to the violence and another to what most locals considered a broken heart. But Hatfield McCoy country is also a unique travel destination you will love to explore. The rugged mountains and the beautiful hills that once served as a backdrop for the Hatfield-McCoy feud now offer a world of outdoor adventure. With more than 19 wildlife management areas and State Forest, it’s an ideal place to unwind, relax, and get a breath of fresh air.

The area’s natural beauty is celebrated chief Logan State Park traversed by more than 18 miles of hiking trails ranging from leisurely to challenging. This was one of the highlights for friends of mine who run a company that specializes in flat roofing in Edmonton during their recent trip down south. Looking to lead you off the beaten path, this region is at the heart of the Hatfield-McCoy trail system. A network that includes more than 700 miles of off-road trails for all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, and utility vehicles. ATVs aren’t the only things that make noise around here, the sound of Appalachian heritage is alive and well. Visitors and locals alike are entertained every Friday and Saturday night by local musicians picking in the park at chief Logan State Park.

The Hatfield-McCoy family drama may be long past but there’s still plenty of drama. The Aracoma Story West Virginia’s longest-running outdoor theater company brings the fascinating story of a local Shawnee princess to life. Vibrant fairs and festivals docked the region including the coal festival in June, the National Trail Fest in October, and Christmas in the park from November through years’ end. The hospitality you’ll find in these beautiful hills and quaint small towns bears no resemblance to the family feuding.

Whether you are shopping, dining, or just relaxing, you’ll find plenty of smiling faces and interesting places. Don’t miss the iconic coal house, it’s actually made of 65 tons of it. You’ll also be glad to know that the spirit of “Devil Anse” Hatfield lives on. His descendants proudly distill and sell Hatfield and McCoy 90 proof moonshine known as the drink of the devil.

Few destinations celebrate their past as passionately as Hatfield McCoy country and for good reason, the passing of time hasn’t made the legendary feud any less riveting. Travel back in time and visit the final resting place of the devil himself, the gravesite of Devil Anse Hatfield. But there’s much more to history than a feuding family, from the tragic story of Chief Logan to the war in the cold fields in the Matewan Massacre, the region’s compelling histories faithfully retold at museums, exhibits, and Civil War reenactments. Intrigue, drama, hospitality, adventure, and natural beauty are all on the itinerary when you visit Hatfield McCoy country.